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WelcometoDDS.com is a cumulative effort in raising awareness about Dental Harm. Our goals include: documenting patients stories; educating consumers on the 'do's and don't s' of dental care through our collection of peer reviewed articles, video's and teaching tools. Providing material to empower dental patients to make a more informed decision about their dental health while evoking tangible change in the industry that includes accountability for medical harm.  

Deanne Merchant - Founder, Contributor

Deanne Merchant - Deanne, founder and contributing editor of WelcometoDDS, is a survivor of dental malpractice and fraud. During years of research she came into contact with numerous other dental patient victims and absorbed the difficult realization that vast, epidemic problems exist within the dental industry.

That realization became the genesis of WelcometoDDS and the catalyst in her efforts to raise Dental awareness. Deanne's decision to make her mess her message is now the message she works tirelessly to promote...

"Learn From My Mistake, Don't Become One"

Creating a first of it's kind awareness website, Deanne wants to offer visitors both an educational intro into the many facets of today's Dentistry while providing a place specifically for Dental patients of harm to come together and share their stories.

Richard Gillum (DDS) - Dental Contributor

Richard Gillum - Dr. Richard Gillum is the owner of a highly successful, Mercury Free/Mercury safe Dental practice. Recognized as a local expert in medically prescribed treatments for sleep apnea, Dr. Gillum has been perfecting his craft for over 30 years. His fervent interest in nutrition, wellness and continuing dental excellence has made him a trusted and well respected professional within his community.

Following his charitable nature, Dr. Gillum has graciously offered to contribute some of his expertise to WelcometoDDS as part of a collaborative effort in raising Dental awareness. To educate and empower individuals with tools to help patients understand the Dentistry they desire while avoiding potential harm.

We are extremely happy to have Dr. Gillum join us in our efforts and look forward to working with such a devoted clinician.

Dana Herbert (RHDS, CPC) - Dental Contributor/Blogger

Dana Herbert - Dana is another survivor of dental malpractice and fraud.

After her dentist placed highly carcinogenic metals into a tooth that had root resorption and over an extraction site that had failed to heal, Dana had to fight the dental establishment to get the toxic metals removed.

She then studied functional and alternative medicine and used natural treatments to heal the horrific damage caused by her dental treatments. 

The falsification of Dana's dental records inspired Dana to become a Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist (RHDS) and a Certified Professional Medical Coder (CPC).

Dana hopes to empower future dental patients by teaching them how to get copies of and read their dental records, and how to get informed consent.

Read about Dana's story on our Patient's Page.

Kayla Joyce - Writing Contributor

Note: This website is not intended to cause defamation of character to any dental professional or institution, nor is it to deter patients from seeking dental treatment with a qualified specialist in their geographic area. This site is designed to offer patients who have been iatrogenically harmed a forum to share their stories, teaching tools to educate and empower themselves dentally and keep patients abreast of any changes or concerns within the dental industry.

Credits to Sasha Lauren for her writing contributions to our site.